Phased microphone array properties

64 independent acoustic channels.
Produced from strong and lightweight material with density of 1.20 g/cm3, it offers good impact strength.
Material life : 80 years.
Color : black.

dimensions of the array - 36cm (14.173in) x 28cm (11.023in)

range of intercepting sound - 150 meters, range exceeds 200 meters in urban areas without heavy presence of noise

noiseless acoustic gain - 26dB at 1KHz

directivity factor - 10 degrees first order

water resistant

shock resistant

weight 3 kg

Microphone and headphone amplifier specification

To obtain maximum quality of the received sound all components used in amplifier are from the ULTRA LOW NOISE semiconductors class.
The headphone amplifier works with all commercial types of headphones.
22 hours continuous work.

microphone sensitivity (-28) dB

microphone signal to noise ratio 80 dB - self noise 14 dBA

low noise microphone preamplifier - input noise stage lower than 0.4 nV √Hz

filter off frequency range - 20 Hz - 16 KHz

filter on frequency range - 300 Hz to 4.5 KHz

AGC system - posibility for setting threshold level manualy

headphone output power - up to 2 Watts in standard 32 Ohm headphones

unprocessed, unfiltered line out for recording

electromagnetic shielding of the electronics

Battery pack

Option one - rechargeable long life Li-Ion batteries.

6 cells Li-Ion

Fully charged 23.8V - nominal 23V 2200mAh

average working time fully charged - 22 hours

5 years battery life

non capsulated battery - easy to replace after 5 years service

Option two - standard 9 volt battery

Camouflaged laptop case properties

Fully identical to the original one.
All modifications to the case, which carries directional microphone and headphone amplifier, cannot be spotted from outside

dimensions - standard 15.6 inch laptop case

material - polyester

color - black

waterproof against rain